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The BEST Stall Liner

Designed to allow water and urine to pass through, leaching naturally into the subsoil or down a drain. An economical investment that costs 50% less than rubber mats, are lightweight, durable, easy to clean & pays for itself in one year.

30 second Video Clip  

4 minute  Video Clip

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WINNER of 8  International Awards

Keep you from
becoming dragged while safely positioning your feet.
Best invention
since the helmet.
A no brainer. 

YES they are that GOOD.

Video Clips

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  Video use

Spring Loaded Stirrup Swivel: Sold as a pair, you can add these spring-loaded swivels to your stirrups.  You will need to remove your top bar on your stirrup and with the hardware provided add the spring-loaded swivel.  The 90 degree twist will  be just what you need. Specify size of 2, 2.5 or 3-inch top bar. Item # ST-SS - Price $62.00


From: Leslie McBride Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2012 3:42 PM  To: HIll VIew Farms Subject: Re: spring loaded stirrup swivel

 Hi Cathy,

First---just wanted to follow up and say that our new spring loaded stirrup swivels are FANTASTIC!  They are doing exactly what I needed them to do to save my knees.  When my husband saw them he said, "Where did you get these?  They look like something I would make!"  We are very appreciative of the husband/wife team that made these. 

Thank you again for your help. A new and loyal customer,

Leslie McBride

The System X Saddle

Automatically addresses gullet size, twist, flare and rocker, while distributing the riderís weight allowing for complete freedom of movement for the horseís back and shoulders.
Regardless of shape or size, this system flexes to fit. Money back 30-day test ride.

Made in the USA canít beat that. 


Evolutionary Saddles in a nut shell  CLICK

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 The Best Hackamore

 This is the best Hackamore I have ever come across.  

Video of assembly
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Follow the video clips and see how to use a picket line!

Picket Line Duffel Bag Video:

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Picket Line Rope Video:

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The Tree Hugger (Same video clip as above):

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Sure Knot Rope Cleat Video:

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Picket Line Tightener  Video:

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The Horse Positioner:
Video for rope line
 Video for cable or fixed line
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Picket Lead / Cross Tie Video:

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Kangaroo Feed Bag Video:

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The High Line Picket Pole: Video

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For more camping videos:    Horse Camping Videos


More:    Horse Camping Videos

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