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Now for something really special:  For those sought after products and for a limited time only - while supplies last,  we will give an additional 20% off the listed price - the catch is ... There will be NO RETURNS

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We will not be carrying many of these items any more.  Is a last time to purchase items that we do not directly make in house.

Ten Feet Tall, Still:  A wonderful and true story for all persons regardless of age.  This book chronicles the life of Julie Suhr.  Beginning with her childhood dream, Julie shares 70 years of her life, bringing the joy and passion of the horse to all.  When reading her book, I was already in tears by the acknowledgement. We, my husband, daughter, and I, were honored to have had the opportunity to ride with Julie and her husband Bob in Peru in January 2005. At age 81 Julie can still ride like the wind, what a role model she is for all of us and "I want to be her when I grow up," even it I don’t have 22 Tevis Cups under my belt!  As Julie’s gift to us all, she is donating her book profits to the American Endurance Ride Conference Trail Committee and The Western States Trails Foundation Trails Committee, for trail development. "A woman with a relentlessly sunny disposition and a will of steel," Sports Illustrated 1987; "Suhr has received a good share of admiration…," New Your Times, 1990; "At age 63, she is one of the world’s best long-distance horseback riders…," KPIX TV, San Francisco, 1987.   All books are personally autographed by the author .   A must buy book ! ~ Cathy   Item # BK-JS –Price $24.95

Now for something really special:  For those sought after products and for a limited time only - while supplies last,  we will give an additional 20% off the listed price - the catch is ... There will be NO RETURNS

 ALL NEW! Hill View Farms® LLC Presents -    All About Saddling – A 2 disk set: Get a front row seat to a saddling demonstration.  See first hand how saddles work, how they are they are designed and how technology is changing the way we saddle the horse. l        Learn how to properly tack up both English and Western saddles and how to properly fit, cruppers, breast collars, bridles, bits, pads, girths, cinches and even britching. l        Learn how to identify various back shapes and how to test for proper saddle fit.  l        Learn how to use shims to correct saddle fit and how to palpate your horse's back for condition. l        Lastly learn how to identify problems associated with your tack and how to care for it. Nowhere else will you find a more complete DVD set chucked full of so much information that took over a decade to assemble. Making horses, mules and even donkeys comfortable along with their owners was the driving force behind this production, which is guaranteed to change the life of those you love. Running time 128 minutes. ISBN 0-9776591-0-0. Ask about the DVD rebate of $19.95 when you order.  Item # BK-DVD - Price $ 19.95

Bill Porter Wild Life Unlimited.  Documentaries, TV shows - Hosting and presenting our wild America.  (From horse back too!)    www.wildlifevideo.com

Hill View Farms and Bill Porter team up to present our Wild America by horse back.

Call to order your DVD of Riding all 98 miles of the The Maah Daah Hey Trail  starting at:  Sully Creek and Bar X, Wannagan, Elkhorn, Magpie, Bennett and CCC Campground. ND 

 Item# BK-Bill - Price $10.00

Live the adventure!

The Truth About Women and Horses: YEE-HAW!  Grab onto your hats and take a wild ride through topics of love, sex, death, beauty, aging, and more as seen through the eyes of 11 unforgettable characters and their horses.  You'll laugh, cry, and be disturbed in full measure as you enter the crazy, profound and daring mind of award winning playwright, Nancy Conger.  This DVD is absolutely outstanding and one that you will watch over and over and share with your horsy friends -guaranteed.  Available only though Hill View Farms and Nancy directly if you attend one of her live stage performances! Running time 88 minutes. Item# BK-NC Price $18.95 (reg. $20.00)

Now for something really special:  For those sought after products and for a limited time only - while supplies last,  we will give an additional 20% off the listed price - the catch is ... There will be NO RETURNS

An Expert’s Guide to Horse Camping: This 6-disk DVD set will teach you how to camp safely with your horse.  Avoid the unnerving and potentially dangerous trial and error method. Learn what questions to ask, how to pack, travel, hook-up and park your rig and most importantly how to keep your horse safe in over 20 different situations. Go from arena and day riding to glorious adventures in the wilderness. This complete six-disk set, will show you the ins and outs of it all. Getting you there.  This is an all-inclusive DVD production was produced, edited and directed by Cathy Sheets Tauer. As a part of this incredible set, you also receive the bonus DVD on All About Trail Riding, which will help you to prepare your steed for the trail. About the author: Cathy lives her passion, horse camping and riding an average of 1,000 miles a year throughout North  America, Central America, South America, and Europe.  Cathy grew up riding and with her husband Don, has raised three daughters who did the same.  The family spends much of the three seasons each year on the trail, riding, camping, and developing trail horses.  Armed with this experience and a video camera, Cathy has produced this one-of-a-kind, unique horse-camping documentary. Cathy, an innovator and an expert in horsemanship and horse camping shares her life experiences and provides a wealth of information absolutely guaranteed to make horse camping a safer, more enjoyable activity for all. Item # BK-HC - Price $59.95 Running time for all six DVD’s is over 6 hours.#ISBN 0-9776591-2-7).  Several delays slowed this project.  First the video camera needed maintenance, then the lack of hard drive space (I now have 6 hard drives- Operating System) and lastly the start up the saddle manufacturing plant.   Hang in there as proofing still needs to be done. this set is unbelievably awesome.  Words can not describe.


  • A woman and her rig, it's a beautiful thing.
  • A woman needs 2 animals: The horse of her dreams and a jackass to pay for it
  • A woman's place is on a horse
  • Alpha Mare
  • Anyone can ride, it just takes talent to stay on
  • Are you going to cowboy up or just lay there and bleed?
  • Ask me about my horse
  • Barn Brat
  • Be all you can be: Thrown, kicked, bitten, slimed, stomped on...
  • Behind every good horse is a human cleaning up.
  • Beware the mare
  • Born to ride...forced to go to school
  • Born to ride...forced to go to work
  • Call my shrink, I bought another horse
  • Caution Horses: Do not tailgate
  • Caution: This vehicle makes sliding stops
  • CAUTION: We stop at all tack shops
  • Don't follow me, I got the directions from the horse
  • Don't get too close...I might kick
  • Driver carries no cash. All spent on horse
  • Free & Easy down the trail I go...
  • Golf Courses: Just a waste of valuable pasture land
  • Happiness is acres of pasture!
  • Happiness is being in the barn
  • Heaven is filled with horses
  • Hell hath no fury as a chestnut Thoroughbred mare
  • Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to muck I go
  • Hoofbeats: My favorite music
  • Horse Person
  • Horses are angels with invisible wings
  • Horses are my therapy
  • Horses are proof God loves us
  • Horsework before homework
  • Horsework before housework
  • I can muck thirty stalls before breakfast...what can you do?
  • I'm daft for my draft
  • Don't be fooled by my car, my real treasure is in the barn
  • My horse ate my paycheck
  • Still plays with horses
  • Tacky and terribly unrefined
  • Diamonds are not a girl's best unless they can be pawned for a good horse!
    • I love chillin' with my horse!
    • Just a few flakes short of a bale!
    • Screw Wall Street! All my assets are in the barn!
    • We don't haul for 6th place!
    • No Jumps No Glory/ Know jumps Know Glory
    • One Mucking Day After Another
    • Proud owner of a very pretty but completely useless horse
    • Nothing says love like a new tractor!
    • Piaffe this!
    • You can never have too many horses
    • Yes, this is my trailer, no I am not hauling your horse
    • You show girl!
    • Whinnying is everything
    • Yeah but can you ride?
    • When I grow up, I wanna be a dually
    • We came, we showed, we kicked but
    • I do whatever my horse tells me to do
    • I love horses
    • I was normal then I bought my first horse
    • I whisper but my horse doesn't listen
    • I'd be totally nuts without my horse
    • If I didn't own a horse...this would be a Ferrari
    • If my savings were as big as my manure pile, I'd be rich.
    • If you think I'm high maintenance, then you haven't met my horse
    • If you're gonna ride my bumper, then you better put a saddle on it.
    • I'm having a bad mare day
    • I'm just cantering through life
    • It's a horse's world, I'm just here to rustle up the feed
    • Just put me back on my horse
    • Kiss my apps!
    • I love appaloosa butts
    • Life is a journey, make the most of it
    • Love me love my horse
    • Love my horse
    • Love my Jack or don't come back
    • Make your hobby horses!
    • Manure happens!
    • Manure Mover
    • My ass is too big but I married him anyway
    • My horse bucked off your honor student
    • My horse is more pampered than my boyfriend
    • My horse is more pampered than my husband
    • My husband's paycheck=new horse equipment
    • My other car has a horse trailer attached to it.
    • My quarter horse beat up your fourth-level dressage horse
    • But officer, that's not a U-turn, it's a roll back!
    • Caution: I already gelded the horse and he didn't even tailgate!
    • Dressage riders never die, they half pass over!
    • Eventers do it 3 ways in 3 days
    • Fox hunters out fox everyone!
    • If found, please return to the barn!
    • Paint my world spotted
    • Quarter Horses
    • Quarter Horses: They can turn on a dime and toss you back 9 cents!
    • Raised on horses, sometimes on crutches
    • Don't ask me to do anything but ride my horse
    • Just horsin' around
    • Put out to pasture and LOVIN' it!
    • Ride a draft...It'll make your butt look smaller
    • Silly Cowboy! Trucks are for girls
    • Sorry! That barn smell is my aromatherapy
    • Take my boyfriend, stay away from the horse
    • Take my husband, stay away from the horse
    • The #1 tip for riders: Marry Money
    • The only stock I buy has 4 legs
    • The Surgeon general never said a thing about smoking the competition
    • Trail Rider
    • Trail riders do it in the woods.
    • Trail riding is my refuge
    • Treat you like my horse? Yeah, right!

Item # SA-BS- Price $2.34 each

To purchase TRAIL MAPS AND TRAIL BOOKS for across the country go to this web site and talk to this lady.  She had made it her life mission to improving horse trails across the country for the benefit of us all.  Thank you Bonnie!  TWO HORSE ENTERPRISES Bonnie Davis, Owner  

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