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Horses on the line and notice our Ranch Handler Cart that we use and use and use. Makes life easier for whomever is in charge of the line! You can see that there are two buckets. One is for the poopies and the other is the watering bucket.

Kelly watering from the Ranch Handler cart

Here is another photo of how we use an extra bucket for watering the horses. This is great. The horses are free to move their heads and drink and drink, rinsing their mouths and even playing. Remember: A horse will drink 10 gallons of water a day and even more on hot days. Heat stress and dehydration is one of the leading causes of colic when on the trail, so having plenty of water is essential. We have found that this is the only way to adequately water our horses when on a picket line.
The Ranch Handler Cart finds yet another use. Don rinsing laundry using bio-degradable soap-of course. 





When putting the wheels on make sure the grease zirk is to the outside of the cart, and the air stem is to the inside of the cart as shown in photo.


To open cart push open cart as shown

To lock cart in position, pull up so the hinge is straight.  You can also tighten or loosen this hinge as you desire, using a wrench and pliers.

To close the cart you will push this hinge down



Assembly of water and muck bag

Take the wire support legs and thread through the nylon loops on the water bag. Then put the legs into the frame as shown in photo.

For the muck bag, make sure that the front nylon strap goes under the front leg support and then over the rear leg support. The strap is held in position by using the keeper found on the cart’s cross bar, as shown in photo’s.

Below is the easy cart closed with wheels on and off, also how cart can be stored in a horse trailer using bungie cords to hang from wall.

With an easy pull of the strap the muck cart empties completely!


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