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When viewed from the rear and especially when a rider is NOT in the saddle putting downward pressure on the panels in the center.. the saddle on some horses looks like it is a mile high in the air... WHY??

Let us assume that the saddles bars are CHEESE.  Both the same size and length, depth and width..

Our bars are shaped so that they flair up to the very TIP of the top and most outer part - surface of the saddle bar.  So we  "cut the cheese"  Pardon the pun... (could not help myself). To demonstrate this.

From the rear the left cheese looks higher off of the table or if a saddle bar, off of the horse's back.

From the side you can see just how different these two cheese bars are. (the scraps were quietly and very quickly eaten)

Ok... now add that panel.  We will use a ruler.  A flat bar will not allow the ruler to bend up curving to the horses back. 

A curved bar will allow the ruler to bend and continue to bend until the ruler touches the top edge of the bar,  or the cheesy bar, that is.

So from flat backed to a high rise in the croup horse, the panel will fit BECAUSE the bar allows it to.  But that bar when viewed to the untrained eye will look as if it sits higher off of the horses back, especially if the horse has a flatter top line.

Hope this helps answer your questions and THANK YOU Victoria for allowing me to discover a new
 "power of cheese".

(Any one who has taken the time to visit or learn about Cathy knows that she is a chef.  Therefore much of her explaining is done in terms of food.  Which when properly prepared we all know is an incredible human delight.)

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