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YES  - A residential dome in Custer SD
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A Dome is a natural Horse Barn or Riding Arena

A Dome designed as a horse barn or riding arena easily provides comfort, security and a lot more. A Dome arena can be designed in any size, from a diameter of 50 feet to 80 feet with seating for hundreds. In addition to general seating, accommodations could include luxury skyboxes, announcer, media booths, and offices—all with handicap access.

Structurally: a Dome requires no internal support from columns or posts, so spectators have a clear view from any seating area.

Pens and Chutes: Because a rodeo arena houses animals, their accommodations as well as cleanliness and maintenance are important. The domes’ holding pens and chutes can be built of durable, easy-to-hose-off materials that resist the penetration of a horse’s hoof or a bull’s horns.

Heating, Cooling & Energy Use: A Dome is energy efficient. Its superior insulation allows the dome to be heated or cooled with less energy than other structure types of a similar size. A Dome is virtually the world’s most energy-efficient building on earth. It is the earth that will primarily be the Domes heating and cooling system. Temperatures will stay comfortable with no cooling inputs. If the building needs a little warming, you simply leave the lights on or the stalled animals will heat the building. This saves thousands of dollars in elaborate heating and cooling systems.

Ventilation: Super-large fans mounted from the roof can provide air circulation. Doors can be opened and a few suction fans mounted at the perimeter for fresh air. The Dome building qualifies as naturally ventilated structure.

Comfortable Interior Temperatures: Because a Dome inherently evens out temperature fluctuations throughout a day, the environment inside the dome will be far nicer than it is outside, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer…even without heat or air conditioning.

Maintenance and Insurance: Normal maintenance is easier and less expensive in a Dome. A Dome is invulnerable to natural disasters such as Tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes and can provide the owners with a personal disaster shelter.  The inherent protection of a Dome structure will lower your insurance premiums.

Versatility: A Dome arena can offer a lot more than rodeo events. To include but not limited to: restaurants, bars and dance floors. A Dome can be designed to host concerts and sporting events.

Imagine the Possibilities: Design and planning are critical to an efficient and functional equestrian facility. Domes can be designed as small arenas for private use or as large breeding facilities, riding arenas or horse boarding and training centers.

Competitive Pricing: Traditionally, horse barns and riding arenas have been built without insulation and as inexpensively as possible. In the past, the metal building was far less expensive than a Dome, making it difficult for to compete. That is no longer the case. Because of the rising cost of metal, the Dome is now competitively priced. Then too, a Dome is virtually maintenance free and will last for centuries, saving you money during decades of use. Call 800-733-7107 or email or to find out more on how A Dome can Work for You. 

  This dome featured in


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