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photo's of packing.

Bottom strap of breeching goes to girth-regardless the style.

Breeching: This is REAL breeching that is user friendly to all. Designed with horses in mind.  Why use breeching? Breeching helps stabilize a load more than any crupper, and is also nicer to the animal.  Some horses and mules do not like a crupper, or they put up their tail up or hold it off to the side and off goes the crupper.  Some equines have such a difficult tail set it is very hard to properly set a crupper and the animal ends up galled or worse yet, ornery and may buck.  Thanks to Ronda and Clete from CR Ass Ranch, we took breeching to a whole new level.  Made with \ your loved one in mind. This breeching is half the weight anything else on the market.  Stronger than any leather and more stable with ten - yes 10 –  1 inch soft nylon straps from 30 to 40 inches long to accommodate both small and huge equines. All the hardware is stainless, no more rust ever.  The ten stainless steel sliders and 6 swivel trigger snaps make for quick and easy adjustments, on and off.  Gone for good are those horrible Conway buckles and dry, brittle – rotten leather that is impossible to work with. The strap is now 3 inches wide and 37 inches long and completely padded with the HVF Soft-Touch padding.  No more cutting into and galling your animals’ buttocks.  This is the most awesome breeching ever developed by real mule and horse riders alike – we all hope you love it as much as we do! Comes in black or brown.   Item #: HR-BR –Price $198.00

   LOOK we made the Trail Blazer Magazine. 

Portable / adjustable pail / bucket holder:  This easy-to-use pail/bucket holder will not rust, rot or corrode.  Made of stainless steel hardware and NYLON this holder is strong, completely safe and will last a lifetime.  22 inches long with 1-inch black nylon; 4-inch Stainless Steel spring snap and a 2-inch Stainless Steel O-ring.  HVF exclusive. Item # HR-PH – Price $11.50


Bells:  Bells are commonly used to alert wild life when you are riding and are used on high-lines, picket-lines and fencing to alert owners when things are getting out of control and require attention.  The large cowbell is copper and measures 4 x 3 x 2 and has a deeper ring.  The smaller liberty bell is brass and measures 2 x 2.5 inches and has a tingly ring.   Item # HR-CB Price $5.50 cow bell or Item # HR-LB Price $2.00 for the liberty bell.

How to use bells

What are the various methods of restraining your equine at horse camps and parks? (click here)

Video of use

Picket Line Tightener: This "tight rope" is the ONLY way to tighten up your sagging picket/high line. It is so easy and yet ingenious (we were the inventor's inspiration for this gizmo, after he saw us struggling with our self-tightening knots). You may think about making one yourself but for the price offered… forget it. Just order one, you will never be sorry. How to use: Put your rope up and make it as tight as you can by hand. Then position the two knobs of the tightener so that the rope runs between them. Then firmly hold the tightener and begin to walk-twisting the tightner so that the rope twists around the knobs of the tightner. When very tight, latch the clip on the line. HVF-Exclusive. Item # HR-PT – Price $30.00

*Safety Tip* When horse camping, space your leads 20 to 24 feet apart, giving each animal an area that is 10 to 12 feet. Set the length of the animals lead long enough where they can lie down. Make sure that he is 8 to 10 feet away from any vehicle, trailer or trees.
Photos of picket line equipment in use

What are the various methods of restraining your equine at horse camps and parks? (click here)

Twist n’ Flex:  This giant twist tie is a handy twist, perfect for so many uses. The strong, plastic-coated iron wire is 32 inches long. It is further coated with soft foam and is simple to twist – as one would do with a twist-tie.  This Twist n' Flex is perfect for tying up a loose end of rope on your picket or high line, for tying up pails, buckets, tarps – you name it.  No messing with baler twine and then with scissors or knife cutting it loose.  This is a wonderful product to have with a price that cannot be beat. Packaged as a pair of two, red or black color.  Item # HR-TW- Price $9.99

No-Knot Eliminator Picket Fastener: By popular demand, I’ve included this picket fastener. If you use a line heavier than a half inch or a line with a lot of stretch, (basically not the rope we sell) you will find that the other picket fasteners will "pop" loose. With this No-Knot-Eliminator I can absolutely guarantee a secure hold! Item # HR-KNOT - Price $5.99

*Safety Tip* When horse camping, space your leads 20 to 24 feet apart, giving each animal an area that is 10 to 12 feet. Set the length of the animals lead long enough where they can lie down. Make sure that he is 8 to 10 feet away from any vehicle, trailer or trees.

Photos of picket line equipment in use

The Horse Positioner: At last a picket or high line fastener that you can put on both a high-line cable and a picket rope too! A fastener that you can move without lowering or loosening your high line/picket line. This ingenious little loop attaches easily to rope or cable stays put and will not slide. Position your hay bags, feed bags and horses and reposition them with total ease. We offer a 2-inch ring for an additional $1.00. This ring will allow for a quicker release of your lead rope. To use the horse positioner: 1) Hold the positioner with your hand by the copper crimp in front of the line and about 2" above it. 2) With your other hand take the bottom of the "horse positioner" and bring it up behind the picket line and through its self and over,  forming a "larks head knot".   3) Repeat step 2 two more times. 4) Pull the loop down and straighten the rope so that copper clip is flat in front and the coils of rope are not over each other. 5) To test, slide "the horse positioner" side to side with your hand on the rope coils (not the bottom loop), next pull side ways with the bottom loop and it will lock each way. 6) Note, if the loop is too long, repeat step 2.
Item # HR-HP - Price $4.50 each or 4 for $16.00
Optional ring - Price $1.00

     Video for rope line and Video for cable or fixed line.
For additional ring:  $1.00 to each fastener.

What are the various methods of restraining your equine at horse camps and parks? (click here)

Video of use

Why use a picket line?  Go to questions

What are the various methods of restraining your equine at horse camps and parks? (click here)


Picket Line Rope: At last here is the picket or "high line" rope you are looking for. This top quality poly rope has a soft broken in feel, with very little stretch. This rope comes only in red for easy visibility. (Our youngest daughter was nearly taken out by a rope that she did not see and had a scar on her neck all summer.) We strongly recommend using red picket leads as well. State length or at .40 cents a foot request a custom length.

 Item # HR-PR - Price .60 per foot

or 30’ is $18.00,  50’ is $30.00, 75' is $45.00, 100' is $60.00 or any length in-between.

*Safety Tip* When horse camping, space your leads 20 to 24 feet apart, giving each animal an area that is 10 to 12 feet. Set the length of the animals lead long enough where they can lie down. Make sure that he is 8 to 10 feet away from any vehicle, trailer or trees.
Photos of picket line equipment in use
How much rope for 1, 2 or 3 horses.  30 feet for one horse, 50 feet for 2horses, 75 feet for 3 horses.  Remember the spacing between animals will be 20 feet and then keeping the animal away from trees and vehicles.

Photos of picket line equipment in use

Picket Lead / Cross Tie: This lead /cross tie is made in red for easy visibility. It comes standard with a quick release swivel panic snap on both ends or you can special order a snap of your choosing on the other end (for attachment to your horses halter). This lead is adjustable from 2 to 7 feet and is designed that even when adjusted short it will not loop open, thus avoiding possible injury. HVF-Exclusive. Item # HR-PL - Price $18.00

        ** NEW OPTION**  Select either the snapon the left (trigger snap is all stainless steel and swivels) or the snap on the right (safety spring snap) in exchange for the center snap (quick-release panic- nickel over iron) for the upgrade price of just $3.50!

Any snap can be added or removed using a  (Lark's Head Knot)

On left: Trigger snap is stainless steel and swivels. (UP GRADE for $3.50)
In center: Quick-release panic snap is nickel over  iron and swivels (COMES STANDARD)
On right:  Safety spring snap is stainless steel.  (UP GRADE for $3.50)

*Safety Tip* When horse camping, space your leads 20 to 24 feet apart, giving each animal an area that is 10 to 12 feet. Set the length of the animals lead long enough where they can lie down. Make sure that he is 8 to 10 feet away from any vehicle, trailer or trees.

Video of How to use

The High Line Picket Pole: No more worrying about tying to trees or if there is nothing to tie to at all. Now you can picket anywhere. Simply slide this into your RV’s, SUV's or pick-up’s 2-inch receiver hitch. This unique pole will extend up to 6 feet high plus the additional height of your hitch. Fasten the end of your high line to your trailer, then run the rope through the ring at the top of your "picket pole" and tie off with a "belaying" knot (a continuous figure eight, securing the end by tucking it under the last crossover) on the arms of the cleat. Quick and easy. Pole is strong 11 gauge steel and weighs 22 lbs. Powder coat finish. HVF exclusive. Actual shipping charges apply. HVF-Exclusive. Item # HR-PP - Price $69.00

Click for additional photo's.

*Safety Tip* When horse camping, space your leads 20 to 24 feet apart, giving each animal an area that is 10 to 12 feet. Set the length of the animals lead long enough where they can lie down. Make sure that he is 8 to 10 feet away from any vehicle, trailer or trees.

 Photos of picket line equipment in use

possible bulk shipping prices apply, ie., over size.  What are the various methods of restraining your equine at horse camps and parks? (click here)

Video of use


Sure Knot Rope Cleat: Finally, for those who cannot tie a good knot to save their life and those who do not want to struggle getting tight knots undone. This rope cleat will take all of the guesswork out of knot-tying, plus it adds the safety of being able to perform a quick release FAST. A must for those who use picket lines. Just wrap your rope around this gizmo and then relax, knowing that your horses are secure. Steel powder coat finish, 10 inches long. HVF-Exclusive. Item # HR-RC - Price $12.00

shown with tree hugger, rope and a rope cleat.

What are the various methods of restraining your equine at horse camps and parks? (click here)

The Tree Hugger: Here is the friendly tree saver that is easy to use, and best of all; it will NOT slip down the tree when trying to position it. Black nylon, triple enforced, 6-foot long, no hardware to rust. Will hold rope size up to 3/4 inch.  Made in the good old USA! Sold as pairs. HVF-Exclusive. Item # HR -TH - Price $14.00

Video of use

What are the various methods of restraining your equine at horse camps and parks? (click here)

As we have relocated to a smaller location....."Will not be carrying this item any more".  Is a last time special offer to purchase.

The Highline/ Tie-Picket-Arm: Now you can have it all.  This 3 in 1 product  offers 3+ options in one easy package!   First, the Highline option allows height adjustments in one-inch increments. Using this option, the highline can be run from the trailer to another location. Secondly, by simply turning this pole upside down, it provides an instant Picket-line attachment.  Thirdly and best of all, when there is nothing else to tie to, it is easy to add the flexible Arm Extension. With the extension, horse is cantilevered to 4 feet from the trailer! Available in one complete package or sold separately. Complete package kit includes: powder coated 11 gauge steel mounting bracket with one 1/8 x 4 x 12  inch backer plate, one 3/8 inch nut, two 3/8 inch washers, two 3/8 x 2 1/2 inch button head cap mounting bolts  and two quick adjustment pins (Specify thickness of trailer frame so the correct length can be sent); adjustable 4-foot ¾ inch flexible acetyl Arm Extension which includes quick adjustment pin. HVF-Exclusive. Call for shipping - cost averages $30.00

The complete package: HR-PHLA – Price $285.00

The basic (without the arm extension): HR-PHL – Price $135.00

The add on (flexible arm extension): HR-PA – Price $170.00

More Photo's of this product.

possible bulk shipping prices apply, ie., over size.

The Overnight Safety-Break-Away Halter Strap:  For 1-inch halters. This 4-oz., boot leather strap is strong enough for normal use but in a serious struggle, one of two things will happen: it will either tear apart or the snap will release.  In either case your troubled horse will be set loose avoiding potential injury to his neck, back and/or legs.  This is extremely important when you leave your horse unattended and tied, whether he be tied to a tie line, picket line, high line, hitching rail, trees, your trailer or wherever as he can find himself in a bad situation – fast, because as you know, a horse, if he can, will find a way of injuring himself.  Be safe.  Item # H-SS – Price $4.50

The Girth / Cinch Ring Cover:  This fabric coated on one side, neoprene cover will shield your horse against your raw cinch ring or even from your saddles Blevins keeper or slide.  This cover will stretch as wide as 5 inches and go down to two inches with the adjustable Velcro tabs.  Sold as a single:  Item# G-RC Price $ 6.99  order two for $13.00

English Girth Tightener: By using leverage, this "belly buster" allows easy cinching up of even the biggest air bag of a horse! No more than 10 inches long its easy to take along out on the trail. Make cinching up fast and easy with this nifty device. (Warning: you can easily over tighten.) HVF exclusive. Item # HR-BB - Price $19.95

Girth Converter: Made exclusively for HVF, this devise converts a western girth to English! Converter is made of black top grain leather with a center nylon core for strength. It has stainless steel 1-inch roller buckles for easy girthing, making this gadget simple to use. It is self-adjusting, thus enhancing comfort.  HVF-Exclusive. Sold  in sets of two Item # HR-GC $18.00 

  sold in pairs   

Convert:  Western rigging to English: The Western converter is a billet that attaches to any western saddles D rings. It has 1-inch billets for attachment of an English girth. Made with top grain leather on top and (chromium/vegetable tanned) boot leather on under side, with an inner core of nylon web for strength, all edges are sanded, edged, burnished and died. Comes with both laces and Chicago screws for easy attachment. Sold in Pairs. 19 inched over all length - billet length when attached is 14 inches. Black or brown color.  HVF-Exclusive. Item # HR-CVW - Price $60.00

                Folds right over western saddles Dee / rigging ring and securely attaches using the strings or Chicago screws provided.

From: Gui-------------------------Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 8:57 PM To: hillview@newulmtel.net Subject: RE: Girth Converter from Western to English saddle.   Dear Cathy,  Got the tracking number and wanted to THANK YOU for you help! Really appreciate it. I need the converter for my Bob Marshall sports saddle and I bought 2 this time to have 1 pair for spare. You seem to be the only one to carry this converter. I have used it before for my other Sports saddle and it is very good and durable.   BTW, I bought the first pair from Saddle Up Tack & Supplies, Inc one year ago and they say they do not carry this item anymore. And they gave me your website so I can order direct from you.  Thank you and I will recommend your site to my friends.  Have a great day,  Vivian.

Sold in pairs
----- Original Message -----
From: Pat McKay
To: Hill View Farms
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2007 8:53 PM
Re: Notification of Payment Received
We love the fenders we ordered last month from you. No more pinched leg calves. Pat

Slip-on Fenders:  Fenders ( sometimes referred to as campaign fenders) for the English or endurance saddle.  Use instead of half chaps, tall riding boots or fleece comforters.  Protect your legs from pinching, horse sweat, and mud.  Simply thread 1-in. leathers through the slots and presto, instant fenders!  Fenders are 14 in. long and available in black or brown. Can be customized,  Sold as a pair leathers not included.  HVF Exclusive.  Item # HR-F - Price $50.00


Riding Swap:  No more dropping your riding crop and having to get off, pick it up and then get back on again.   No more losing your grip or dropping your reins or accidentally poking your horse while, trying to figure out how to carry that silly crop on the trail.  At last, a simple but effective way to get your point across that works for both you and your mount, a wrist swap.  This leather swap gives you an additional 29 inches of reach to swat his rump and is completely adjustable on the wrist. Great for barn and herd sour horses or those sassy ones when out on the trail.  Item #HR-RS – Price $10.00.

----- Original Message ----- From: kelly ankney To: Hill View Farms Sent: Monday, October 05, 2009 8:09 AM Subject: saddle
P.S. I thought of another idea for the use of the "wrist swap"!!! My horse is now cured of her barn sourness, and now I attach the swap onto the middle of my reins, so it's there for use "in case", and I can also use it when my horse bends down to drink....I just grab it and she has all the rein she needs to get her head down, and I don't have to lean way over to keep a hold of the reins. It works great! It also gives me an extra leather strap in case I need to tie something to my saddle, or fix broken tack while on the trail. It's always there, and never in my way! I love it! Thanks so much, Kelly Ankney

  rear flank

Western off billet:  Top grain leather billet with nylon reinforced webbing. Item # HR-OB – Price $30.00

Western latigo: Real latigo leather strap (chromium/vegetable tanned). Includes Chicago screws / leather for attachment to saddle. Item # HR-WL – Price $50.00

English billets: Replacement pair of (one-inch) billets with nylon core includes Chicago screws. Call for style confirmation. Item # HR-EB - Price $60.00

Rear flank billets: Pair of leather billets (top grain leather with Nylon center and (chromium/vegetable tanned) boot leather on back side.  This billet is for attachment to Dee rings on the rear rigging of a western saddle. Item # HR-RB - Price $50.00 


The Original Riders Rasp:  This rasp is not a cheap disposable model, but the good model.  When the blades become worn, you can replace them and continue to use this rasp. The Riders Rasp features an ergonomic design that fits all hands and has a soft grip with no-slip sides to protect hands. The rasp uses finish files, which are great for rounding or beveling the hoof, maintaining hoof form without the risk of removing too much wall.  Perfect for the rider who prefers a barefoot horse with a natural hoof The rasps are 52 Rockwell hardness and the protective plate is stainless steel. This tool withstood 3 years of testing.  It’s tough! 
Item # GR-RR  Price 30.95

Replacement Rasps: Package of two rasp pairs (4 total rasps) in medium finish. The rasps are 52 Rockwell hardness. Item #GR-RB  Price $30.95

Package of one rasp pair (2 total rasps) of  medium coarse files. The rasps are 52 Rockwell hardness. Item #GR-RB1 Price $15.95:

Hand-Held Flow-Through Body Brush- DELUXE: When we found this brush, it was a dream come true. This hand-held brush will cut your scrubbing time by half. Now you can gently scrub your horse clean as the water flow rinses dirt away from the bristles and off your horse. The slim head of this brush reaches into all the small hard-to-scrub places. With an overall length of 15 in., you have plenty of leverage to scrub off the ickiest of grime.  The bristles on this brush are sturdy, yet soft enough to do under belly and flanks. Comes with a speed control valve and “quick connect” pieces for customizing its use.   Green color. HVF exclusive. Item # GR-HB – Price $9.50


Carry All: This organizer is great for just about anything that you need to keep items  separated and organized whether at home, in the barn, camping or on the road. Made from 600-denier, foam-backed, water-resistant polyester. With roomy mesh pockets outlining the large center pouch you can keep frequently used items on the out side and the bulkier items on the inside and it has a strong wide nylon handle to carry it all! Outstanding for your picnic supplies as well. We love it! Color selection is green, burgundy, purple, red, navy blue or black.  Item # GR-B Price $20.00

New Style:  Color in black, purple and lime green (not shown).  Bag has zippered top closure and shoulder strap. Specify bag preference.

Duffel Bag: This tough red laminated vinyl "picket - line duffel bag" is 24" long, 8" in diameter and has straps on three sides. Best of all, it has a strap on the inside that can open and shut so you can loop it around your picket line. If you hang your duffel bag up by the end, your picket rope will stay neat and tidy. Use this duffel to keep all your picketing supplies together and in good order. HVF-Exclusive. Item # BA-DB - Price $30.00  

Picket Line Duffel Bag Video:                           

 Kangaroo Feed Bag Video:

Kangaroo Feed Bag: This roomy feed bag is now even greater with the addition of aeration holes! Now dust and dirt from the hay fall through and you can rinse the hay before feeding (great for heave horses). Bag has 3 long adjustable nylon straps to hold it anywhere, at any length and to keep it from spinning. The large Kangaroo pouch works great for feeding grain, cubes or just catching the hay leaves. Safer than rope bags, less wasteful and better than mesh bags, which inevitably will fray and rip. This tough laminated red vinyl bag will handle the worst "Hannibal Lechters" you have in your herd! Bag size: 28" W x 26" H for easy filling and a roomy 9 inch diameter hole so your horse can eat comfortably. This will be the last feed bag you will own. HVF-Exclusive. Item # BA-KR Price $60.00

 Even Elk like the Kargaroo feed bags! Thank you Don Gensler for the photo!  

Garment Bag: This bag holds more than cantle bags and can eliminate the use of saddle bags altogether. No matter how full or empty, the 6 snaps can be arranged to keep it snug against the cantle. The 6 scissor snaps and the centerfold design are what puts this great bag in a class of its own. Perfect for carrying jackets and sweaters. Available in red or brown laminated vinyl, which will not crack or get brittle in cold weather. HVF-Exclusive. Item # BA-G - Price $60.00

 * Note, if you use these huge bags fully open, as we did shown in the photo to the left, you will need to make sure your HUGE load will stay balanced and that your horse is use to carrying either cargo or extra persons on their rumps

Mesh Sponge Bag: Cool down your horse without leaving your saddle. Just 'throw your sponge overboard" into a creek, stream or water trough. Natural sponges are preferred for their capacity to hold a lot of water, but they become heavy and usually break through the grommet. So here is the solution! This sponge bag is made of tough polyurethane mesh, which helps keep dirt and debris off the sponge while dunking, and comes with a snap for fastening anywhere onto your saddle or breast collar, and also has an extra-long string. Great bag for holding all your little pieces of sponge or a great big new one! Ideal for competitive, endurance or long distance riders! Item # TR-Mesh – Price $9.00

Full Door

Tidy Pockets: The best trailer and barn organizer. Store sponges, wipes and grooming items. Made of tough 600-denier water-resistant polyester that can be easily cleaned. Has mesh pockets to allow airflow and inhibit mildew and mold growth and grommets that allow for easy mounting. The deluxe is 23" wide x 46" long and has 14 pockets with a large zipper pocket at the bottom. The basic or half door is 23 in. wide and 25 in. long with 9 pockets. Colors: green, burgundy, purple, red, navy blue or black. Specify color and style.   Item # GR-TP 9 - Price $28.00 or # GR-TP 19 for deluxe- Price $48.00

                                                                                  Half Door





10% Permethrin:  Controls fleas, lice, mites and flies.  Long lasting - broad spectrum insecticide effectiveness.  Residual activity for up to 28 days. 8 oz bottle.  Item #  SU-P  Price $8.00

Fly Spray Recipe:

1/2 C. Dawn - blue dish washing soap
1/2 C. Vinegar
1 C. Listerine mouth wash
1-2 teaspoons Vanilla
1/2 oz. permethrin 10%
Mix and put in 16 to 18 oz spray bottle and fill with water

Wonderful web site:  http://www.forloveofthehorse.com/

Ten Feet Tall, Still:  A wonderful and true story for all persons regardless of age.  This book chronicles the life of Julie Suhr.  Beginning with her childhood dream, Julie shares 70 years of her life, bringing the joy and passion of the horse to all.  When reading her book, I was already in tears by the acknowledgement. We, my husband, daughter, and I, were honored to have had the opportunity to ride with Julie and her husband Bob in Peru in January 2005. At age 81 Julie can still ride like the wind, what a role model she is for all of us and "I want to be her when I grow up," even it I don’t have 22 Tevis Cups under my belt!  As Julie’s gift to us all, she is donating her book profits to the American Endurance Ride Conference Trail Committee and The Western States Trails Foundation Trails Committee, for trail development. "A woman with a relentlessly sunny disposition and a will of steel," Sports Illustrated 1987; "Suhr has received a good share of admiration…," New Your Times, 1990; "At age 63, she is one of the world’s best long-distance horseback riders…," KPIX TV, San Francisco, 1987.   All books are personally autographed by the author .   A must buy book ! ~ Cathy   Item # BK-JS –Price $24.95

 ALL NEW! Hill View Farms® LLC Presents -    All About Saddling – A 2 disk set: Get a front row seat to a saddling demonstration.  See first hand how saddles work, how they are they are designed and how technology is changing the way we saddle the horse. l        Learn how to properly tack up both English and Western saddles and how to properly fit, cruppers, breast collars, bridles, bits, pads, girths, cinches and even britching. l        Learn how to identify various back shapes and how to test for proper saddle fit.  l        Learn how to use shims to correct saddle fit and how to palpate your horse's back for condition. l        Lastly learn how to identify problems associated with your tack and how to care for it. Nowhere else will you find a more complete DVD set chucked full of so much information that took over a decade to assemble. Making horses, mules and even donkeys comfortable along with their owners was the driving force behind this production, which is guaranteed to change the life of those you love. Running time 128 minutes. ISBN 0-9776591-0-0. Ask about the DVD rebate of $19.95 when you order.  Item # BK-DVD - Price $ 19.95

Bill Porter Wild Life Unlimited.  Documentaries, TV shows - Hosting and presenting our wild America.  (From horse back too!)    www.wildlifevideo.com

Hill View Farms and Bill Porter team up to present our Wild America by horse back.

Call to order your DVD of Riding all 98 miles of the The Maah Daah Hey Trail  starting at:  Sully Creek and Bar X, Wannagan, Elkhorn, Magpie, Bennett and CCC Campground. ND 

 Item# BK-Bill - Price $10.00   Live the adventure!

The Truth About Women and Horses: YEE-HAW!  Grab onto your hats and take a wild ride through topics of love, sex, death, beauty, aging, and more as seen through the eyes of 11 unforgettable characters and their horses.  You'll laugh, cry, and be disturbed in full measure as you enter the crazy, profound and daring mind of award winning playwright, Nancy Conger.  This DVD is absolutely outstanding and one that you will watch over and over and share with your horsy friends -guaranteed.  Available only though Hill View Farms and Nancy directly if you attend one of her live stage performances! Running time 88 minutes. Item# BK-NC Price $18.95 (reg. $20.00)


The Hands Free Umbrella:  This umbrella hat is super for all kinds of tasks requiring the use of both hands when it is raining.  Such as doing horse chores.  This hat not only keeps you dry when doing chores, it also desensitizes your horses. An excellent training tool when feeding, as it delivers the ultimate reward for not being afraid, food.  Size: 29 inches. Color navy blue with gray underside, and black elastic head strap. - one size fits all. Item # CL-UB - Price $7.99


For chores, auctions, hauling wood, camping.  Anything where you need BOTH hands and do not want to get wet!

Outback Trading Co.  Presents


Reversible Pony–Up Fur Vest:  Black 100% polyester knit suede on one side which reverses to a Chinchilla like soft faux fur on the other.  Welt side entry pockets - Antique brass horse detail on back – Princess seams on front and back for slimming fit – Machine wash - Ladies sizing 2 medium left     An Outstanding, Great Looking, Fun Vest.  Item #CL-RV – Price $47.95

Lots of Warm Riding For that Horse Lover!  This is a gorgeous faux fur lined reversible vest made by Outback Trading.

These are really stylish and look so good when worn. The nice 100% Polyester knit suede exterior reverses to faux fur.

Antique brass horse detail on back.   Welt Side entry pockets.

Having this vest is great!  I can store all of my stuff... no extra hand bags, etc. to keep track of.  With 18 pockets this vest is better than saddle bags! I love it!  The pants I'm wearing are the Sticky Seat pants - see below, they are great for starting out those fresh horses." Cathy has on a size XS - she is 36 chest, 29 waist.


 The Traveler Vest: By Kakdu Traders Australia: An all round "gunn-worn - pre-washed" storage vest that sports strong rugged canvas, a cowhide inner collar, hold-firm tabs, antiqued brass hardware, with loads of multi-functional pockets, including a back storage bag.  Vest is fully lined with 100% cotton. An outstanding vest for shopping (need no purse), riders, anglers, hikers, farmers, miners, outdoor and working folks alike that  require the best in working gear.  Kakadu is known for it's tough and innovative clothing.  Color is Mustard. Men's sizing. 

2 XS  LEFT  Item # CL-V - Price $50.00 (WAS 69.95)

Lightweight Oilskin Jacket:  This is theChoice when it comes to comfort and cut.  This lightweight 8 oz. waterproof oilskin jacket by Outback gets two thumbs up.  Riders love this jacket with racy details including piped front, back yokes, duel entry pockets with a stand up collar.  A flattering fit with a drawstring waist, snap-open back gussets, zipper with storm placket closure and zippers pockets underneath reverse flaps.  Quilted lining with taffeta in the sleeves.  Ladies Sizes are:  S, M,   Available in Bronze with black trim. A wonderful coat that is lightweight and warm. Item # CL-OL - Price $90.00

Great coat!

1) small left -Men sizing, great for women, arms are long


Riding Glove: The Hill View Farms Riding glove is the most perfect riding glove ever made.  It took over 2 decades to find a manufacturer who would make these gloves to Cathy’s exacting specifications.  Perfection is the only word to describe them.  Kit thin—at 3 oz, these deerskin gloves allow you to feel everything.  They have wear patches just where you need them for riding, so no more split seams, snags, or sloppy fit.  These gloves are your second skin; they protect your hands as you ride, pick a horse’s foot, or button your shirt. (You can even pick up a pin while wearing them!) How sweet is that? FANTASTIC!. Available in natural, brown or black.  Sizes are: 7, 7.5, 8 and 8.5. Specify color and size.  Item # CL-RG-Price 45.00.




Fixaphone™ : A unique mobile phone case designed for those with an active lifestyle or anyone who wants quick and easy access to their mobile phone. FIXAPHONE™ is constructed of wetsuit neoprene, which is machine washable, durable, stretchy material, that is soft and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear on your arm or leg, eliminating uncomfortable belt clips at your waist. The adjustable Velcro strap gives a firm fit and allows free movement while working or playing. A convenient way to carry your mobile phone while you are running, biking, gardening, hiking, shopping, horseback riding, at the gym, and so much more… Never miss a call again! Available in black, red, yellow, green or blue and 2 sizes, small or large. Small will fit phones 2 to 4 inches and large will fit phones 3 to 5 inches. Standard strap length will fit a 13 inch circumference.  New colors in small size only of ocean blue, pink and purple. Fits most mobile phones and holds some pagers, mp3 players and 2-way radios. State color and size. Item #TR-FIX – price $14.95 (Reg $19.95)

Extender Strap will add 6 inches:  Super for thighs or fitting over coats.  Item# TR-FXE - Price $3.50

Designed with STRETCH to fit.

The leather is sewn on a wide elastic band and sewn so that it will accordion out, so as to conform to your leg for a PERFECT FIT.

Top Grain Half Chaps:  A name to trust OVATION has the most beautiful Top Grain stretch ribbed half chaps that I have seen. These half chaps are clean, elegant and durable with a heavy zipper and snap closure at bottom.  Comes in Black and Chocolate.  NICE and they LAST. Select size based on widest calf measurement and ankle to back of knee: Item # CL-HC - Price $69.99  sale of $50.00 - GONE WHEN GONE

XS: 12-14 inches x 14 -15.5” high
S:  13-15 inches x 15 - 16” high

Available in Black or Brown. 

Felt Hat: Here is a marvelous crushable Lite Felt Hat by Bailey called "Morgan". I’ve seen these hats and wondered "are they for real?" You bet they are! This hat can be scrunched into a ball, jammed into saddlebags and still keep its shape-great for traveling! It is 100% wool, stylish, durable, water repellent and comes with a stampede string to keep your hat on as you tear down the trail or come into gusty winds. This Morgan hat is a brown olive mix in color and comes in  L (23"), and XL (23.5). Item # CL-HAT – Price $40.00

Hat Sizing: Getting the correct size will give you years of wearing pleasure. Using a tape measure, measure the widest part of your head, just above the ears and eyebrows, to the nearest 1/8th inch. Head size in inches = Hat size

22.7 to 23 = 7.25 and 7 3/8 =  (L)
23.5 to 24 =7.5 and 7 5/8 =  (XL)


Felt hat with Earflaps: Here is another marvelous crushable Lite Felt Hat by the Bailey Hat company, called "Perrin". This hat too can be scrunched into a ball, jammed into saddlebags and still keep its shape, great for traveling! It is 100% lite wool, stylish, durable, water repellent and comes with a stampede string to keep your hat on as you tear down the trail or come into gusty winds. This hat has the added benefit of earflaps that fold up or down depending on the weather. The hat is a medium brown in color and comes in  L (23"), and XL (23.5). Item # CL-HATF – Price $40.00

Hat Sizing: Getting the correct size will give you years of wearing pleasure. Using a tape measure, measure the widest part of your head, just above the ears and eyebrows, to the nearest 1/8th inch.  Head size in inches = Hat size

22.7 to 23 = 7.25 and 7 3/8 =  (L)
23.5 to 24 =7.5 and 7 5/8 =  (XL)


Crushable Felt Hat by Bailey: Yet another wonderful felt hat called "The Sequoia". This hat has a 3.5 inch crown and a 3 1/4 inch brim. Stylish and very western with stampede string. Black in color.  Sizes L, and XL.  Item # CL-HATB-Price $40.00

Hat Sizing: Getting the correct size will give you years of wearing pleasure. Using a tape measure, measure the widest part of your head, just above the ears and eyebrows, to the nearest 1/8th inch.  Head size in inches = Hat size
22.7 to 23 = 7.25 and 7 3/8 =  (L)
23.5 to 24 =7.5 and 7 5/8 =  (XL)


Aussie Breezer Hat: This packable, crushable Aussie hat is made of cotton twill. It has 3-inch brim and mesh sides. Great for keeping your head cool during the hot season. Comes with a stampede cord. Available in Khaki or Sage Green. Sizes S L (23 1/8), or LX (23 7/8). Item # CL-MHAT– Price $24.50

Hat Sizing: Getting the correct size will give you years of wearing pleasure. Using a tape measure, measure the widest part of your head, just above the ears and eyebrows, to the nearest 1/8th inch.  Head size in inches = Hat size

22.7 to 23 = 7.25 and 7 3/8 =  (L)
23.5 to 24 =7.5 and 7 5/8 =  (XL)


The Tilley hat

on the trail map reading.





The Tilley Cap:  The best cap EVER! The lighterweight Tilley cap is handcrafted of a strong, laminated, waterproof nylon, Tilley Nylamtium® which is 10-ounce (per square yard) cotton duck, a tough, soft, closely woven, preshrunk, water and mildew-repellent, canvas-like material. This cap has been certified with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+, the maximum rating given. Designed so that it picks up sweat from your forehead and wicks it away to your temple area where it evaporates. A layer of closed-cell foam in the crown, and brim, provides the positive buoyancy, great for boaters and anglers. The Tilley Cap comes with a tuck-away, adjustable, fore 'n' aft wind cord. When it's calm, the wind cord stays hidden in the crown. When there's a breeze, place the part with the sliding knots behind your head and for your comfort, they're held on by gravity, not painful pressure on your forehead. Guaranteed for life and replaced free if they ever wear out, shrink or fall apart. They're so carefully handcrafted and made of such strong materials, that many outlive their owners.  For sizing, the cap has an internal size-adjustment device that allows you to adjust it to suit your unique head size. Three sizes: S/M fits 6 7/8 to 7 1/8, L fits 7 1/4 to 7 1/2 and XL fits 7 5/8 to 8. Item # CL-TC Price $58.00 (reg. 60.00)

Glitter Cap: Accessorize any outfit with a glitter cap.  One size fits all, with adjustable Velcro tap. Colors are:  1) yellow, 2) khaki, 1) wine, 3) orange, 1)lime green, 1) pink, 1) gray and 1) red.     State color   $14.50 each or two for $25.00. Item # CL-GC - Price $14.50 (reg $15.00) 



Black shown left and below


The Deluxe Cap with face warmer permanently attached to the back of the cap and wraps around your face after your helmet is on.  This is just the best!

**Please note that with the windblock material you can't hear very well through and with the scarf it also blocks your breath. So when out by roads you may not be able to hear traffic and when breathing deeply you will have to lower the face scarf to breath. If you need to hear and breath deeply select the Polar-Tec 200.

Polar Fleece Cap: This cap is exactly what the riders in Iceland use under their riding helmets to keep their heads warm and they should know! After seeing this, and being the seamstress that I am, I knew that I could whip these up in a jiffy. This single layer cap is made of either black, "Polar-Tec 200" (will allow for some air movement through fabric) The "Windblock" fleece (will not allow any wind to blow through). This cap covers your ears and Velcro’s shut under your chin. This cap is designed to be worn under a hat or helmet. A must for any cold outdoor activity such as; doing chores, riding, skiing, snowmobiling or dog sledding, but my husband loves his worn under his logger/brush helmet as he cuts wood in the bitterly cold, windy Minnesota winters. This cap comes in a one size fits all. HVF exclusive. **Please note that with the windblock material you can't hear very well through. So when out by roads you may not be able to hear traffic. If you need to hear select the Polar-Tec 200.  The Polar-Tec 200 comes in black only  and for the Windblock hunter green or black.   Item # CL-CAP - Price $10.00.

The Deluxe Cap (with face warmer): On cold, windy, bitter days when the wind is so raw you have to walk backwards just to keep your face from freezing off. This is the cap to have. Neck warmers work, but not with a helmet. This two-in-one cap is marvelous. Use the wrap to keep your face nice and warm as you are out riding and doing chores or remove it for those slightly warmer days. Adjusts easily with 4 Velcro closures for a personal fit. One size fits all. **Please note that with the windblock material you can't hear very well through and with the scarf it also blocks your breath. So when out by roads you may not be able to hear traffic and when breathing deeply you will have to lower the face scarf to breath. If you need to hear and breath deeply select the Polar-Tec 200.  The Polar-Tec 200 comes in black only  HVF exclusive. Item # CL-CAPD – Price $20.00.



The "bug cap": This all mesh hood slips easily over your head, helmet, hat, keeping out those pesky deer flies, mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. Perfect for all outdoor activities, such as riding, hiking, mowing lawns, gardening, fishing and pitching stalls. It has excellent visibility and ventilation. It provides facial protection without poisonous chemicals. This mesh hood comes with an adjustable elastic cord for under your shoulders, so it will not ride up when you bend over or when your race down the trails. We keep this hood in our saddlebags at all times. It takes up no room at all and has been a lifesaver.  Item # CL-Bug Cap – Price $10.00


Boot Warmers:  Cold Feet?  Tired of stepping into a cold boot? Love your chore boots but don't like that cold and hard feeling you get when you step into them? Well then, give these a try.  These insoles are made of real surgically tanned sheepskin that will cushion your foot, absorb moisture and provide shock absorption  while keeping your foot warm and comfortable all day.  Three sizes designed to be trimmed to fit:  Small (Ladies 4-5).    Medium (ladies 6-11 men up to size 8.  Large (ladies 12 plus, men size 9 plus) Natural color.  Seen elsewhere for $16.95.  Our price:  Item #  CL-BW- Price $9.99

We love these sox, they do not work their way down and feel totally great.  We know exactly what you get when you purchase these sox. Excellence.  Plus these socks are guaranteed against holes for 3 years!

Below are my socks.  We hiked Bryce Canyon and many others. .NEVER did my sox slip, rub or fail in any respect.  I was the ONLY one who wore the Tilley socks with Mukluk Moccasins and who did not get any rubs or blisters!  An OUT STANDING product and so worth the money.  (I also wore my Tilley underwear with my pack-able mesh hat.)

Tilley Walking and Riding Socks:  Guaranteed to last three years - or your money back. These walking and riding socks offer a cushioned sole and ribbed arch arch support and no-feel toe seam for comfort on long hikes or posting for long stretches.  Made mostly (63%) of itchless Merino Wool, plus (25%) stretch nylon, (11%) Teflon® for stopping blisters before they start, and (1%) Lycra®. They will usually dry overnight, depending on preparation and humidity.  Comes in sagebrush (limited supply), dark brown, black or gray color and sizes M (Women's shoe size 6 1/2 – 10 or men's 5 - 8 1/2, L (Women's shoe size 10 1/2 - 13 ½ or men's 9 – 12 or XL (Women's shoe size 14 - 16 ½ or men's 12 1/2 – 15 size.) Item # CL-TS Price $20.50 (reg. $22.00)

Tilley Walking and Riding SUMMER and TRAVEL Socks:  Where was my head by not having this sock here sooner?!  Perfect for summer! Perfect for travel!  Just PERFECT.  These sox are guaranteed to dry overnight, last for 3 years, rated UPF of 50 + and are comfortable.  Socks are 49% polypropylene, 46% nylon and 5% spandex.  They have a non-slip ribbed top, ribbed arch support, a moisture escape panel and an air-o-space zone for breathablitiy.  Machine wash, air dry.  Color:  Black or Beige.  Sizes:  , L (Women's shoe size 10 1/2 - 13 ½ or men's 9 – 12.  Item # CL-TSS - Price $15.00

 The red circle is where we were and the arrow is the Colorado river - way below, that we started our nine mile hike up to the top of the Grand Canyon.  My time: 4 hours and 40 minutes. It was a death march - where where my horses? I kept asking... and what was I thinking!  But we all made it and I had the best feet!  NO blisters, rubs or gals.  While rafting on the river, I wore my Tilley hat that kept my head cool and the sunburn off.


















Photo is  high cut,  low cut is lower on side of leg. And YES they DO eliminate heat chaffing on those LONG rides!!

Women's Travel Brief:  They ain’t pretty – that's for sure, but now you have the best in riding and traveling underwear!  Sexy they may not be but only two pair will take you around the world - fact! These are the most practical, comfortable travel underwear you will ever own. Fast drying and sweat defying, they will neither chafe nor bind and virtually shows no panty lines. Made from a patented lightweight polyester fiber that wicks away moisture and dries quickly. Stain, odor and bacteria resistant. It will keep its shape and appearance longer than traditional cotton. This patented fabric wicks away perspiration better than cotton keeping you cooler and drier in the summer and warmer in the winter. No special-care required, simply wash twist in a towel and hang overnight to dry and eureka, a fresh pair to wear by morning!  Select size and color, either white or gray and either high or low cut.. Item # CL-U Price $15.00 (reg. 18.00)

These briefs virtually show NO panty lines compared to anything else! 


Sticky Seat Riding Pants:  You'll Love the Fit and Feel of a StickySeat Pant. The StickySeat pant that offers you that extra grip in the seat, legs, or both depending upon the style selected.  All pants are made of 4 Way Compression Cotton Nylon Lycra Stretch Fabric (67% cotton, 28% nylon, 5% spandex) that fights muscle fatigue, wicks away moisture (super for hot muggy weather). The compression stretch fabric smoothes and supports your figure while the flatlock stitching smoothes and visually lifts the seat, while subtracting inches off the waistline.  The style lines are used with your silhouette and the seam placement will never interfere with riding. The pant design offers a no slide action with a tight calf using genuine ultra suede elongated knee patches or the StickySeat nubs. Machine Wash and Dry,  Always Made with LOVE in the USA.

The Polo BreechHas the StickySeat nubs on your inner leg and thigh  with a natural stretchy waistband that sports double belt loops which is neither to high or too low.  This legging has real embroidered back pockets and deep slash front hip pockets offer plenty of stretchy storage. It also sports a mock fly.  

ONE Black Small S=4/6 (28" Resting Waist) Left

Item # CL-SSP-Price $100.00



STICKY SEAT riding pants

Traditional Boot Cut:  Has the StickySeat nubs on your seat and a contoured waistband that is wide and flattering for those with thicker waistlines, as it has a  lower front/ higher back tailored to cover your assets while bending over picking hooves or pulling on boots.  The pant is styled with belt loops and inside key pocket. Colors:  Denim, Black,  Taupe and Brown.  Available in long leg inseams. Available with rhinestone for extra bling!
    Item #  CL-SS - $72.00

One)  Small S-28(4/6) black left

One)  small S-28(4/6) chocolate color  left




The Euroseat Breech:  Has the StickySeat on the bottom with the fashion styling of the Bootcut pant with the tapered, lower front-higher back waistband with the wide belt loops for fashion accessories and has an interior key pocket.  The pant differs in that it has the tapered the ankle for those who want the traditional look or riding with tall boots. Colors:   Black and ONE M (8/10)30  Taupe color left. 
Item # CL-SSE-Price:  $72.00

----- Original Message ----- From: Ellen To: 'Hill View Farms' Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 6:31 AM  Subject: RE: black in size 30
Hi Kathy:  Attached is a few pic of the riding pants..... These jaipurs are very comfy, I have road in them several times, I prefer them over my wrangler aruar riding jeans...... I have problems with my feet hurting, and getting num, I assume it is circulation, but they do much better in these pants. I guess it is because there is no seems that meet in the crouch area...... (
I have ridden in them several times, I wore them at Midwest last week when it was hot and humidity, they were cooler then the riding jeans I normally ware.   I have issues with my feet getting numb and have the needles and pins sensation when riding, that is much better with these pants....I can only assume this is because there are not seems in the crouch area.....) I would recommend them to any of my friends.... They are no hotter than the jeans, maybe not as hot, which really surprised me......A nice surprise....I would be more than happy to ride in the other summer tights that you have.....and let you know what I think.

These pants look, feel and ride great! ~ Cathy

Polo Riding Jeans:  A tough durable jodhpur riding pant that will take you from the trail to the rail.  Any equestrian will look great in this tailored fit.  The leg stirrups prevent fabric from bunching-up when riding and same-fabric knee patch provides additional reinforcement.  Woven of 92% cotton 8% lycra for supreme comfort and fit. These are unisex pants (believe it or not).  Zippered closure, pockets and belt loops.  Sold by waist size 26. 28. 30. 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 with standard leg length, in black or white.  State size and color when ordering.   Item #CL-PJ – Price $60.00

2) 26 inch left

4) 28 inch left

1) 30 inch left

Hey.... THIS is a MEN'S jean...  Looks GREAT!  Can you believe that a pant can look so good on both sexes?  WONDERFUL.

Crupper Dee's: Stainless steel crupper D with screws for easy attachment. Item # HR-CD – Price $3.00

Breast collar Dee’s: Use these stainless steel Dee’s to attach a breast collar to the saddle. They come with screws for easy attachment to the saddle. Item # HR-BD – Price $5.00 pr

Accessory Dee’s: Stainless steel, these are those ever needed loops for hooking anything and everything to the saddle. They come with screws for easy attachment. Item # HR-AD – $5.00 pr

Footman’s loops with screws: Stainless steel brackets are a welcome addition to any saddles fork or cantle. Item # HR-FL – Price $5.00 pr

Rings: These stainless steel one-inch rings are a great addition to Footman’s Loops. Attach them using Footman’s Loops for an extra "snap on" spot. Item # HR-R – Price $3.00 pr

Scissor Snap: These stainless steel 2.5 inch long, 5/8 inch eye snaps. These are wonderful for hooking all kinds of stuff, like reins and bags. Select round or square eye. Item # HR-SNAPS - Price $4.00 each


Saddle Strings: These strings are 30 inches long and come on Stainless steel rings, footman loops or Dee’s with screws State color of strings and hardware when ordering. Brown and Black are standard stock colors,  
Item # HR-ST – Price $20.00 pr
How do I make that knot?  Tie on strings?  

Brass hardware:  Call for pricing.


Stainless Steel Trigger Snap.  4.5 inches long with eye 1.25 inch- works great when attached to a lead rope using a  Lark's Head knot.Item # HR-TS - Price $4.50.


Stainless Steel Spring Snap.  Four inches long - great for gates and leads  Item # HR-SP - Price is $4.50


Panic Release Snap.  Nickel over brass, for all tying applications using a Lark's Head knot.  Item # HR-QR- Price  $2.50


Hook and Loop Velcro:  perfect for attaching all sorts of gear, whether on your saddle, in your tack room, in your trailer, in your living quarters, home or RV.  One inch wide, Specify length.  Item # HR-V  Price $2.00 per foot.

                                         Click here for photo's of these items in use and where to put them on your saddle

MONTANA SILVER: With the Montana Armor will help protect your silvers brilliance.  All that is needed is an occasional wipe with a cloth. Do not use any chemical or abrasive cleaner on Montana Armor.   
In stock is the Flash Cut – diamond edge Concho's – extraordinary beauty, with brilliant shine.     

1 1/2 inch Slotted Concho.   Item # C145 1 1/2 Price each $8.40

2 inch  Breast Collar Center Ring ConchoItem # C147 2 inch  Price is $20.00


3/4 inch Button Concho with wood screw adapter. Shown at base of cantle,  Item # C142 3/4 @ $5.00

1 inch Breast Collar Arm Concho with Chicago screw. Goes on end of breast collar arms.  Item # C143 Price each is $5.50

1 1/4 inch Bridle Loop Concho.  Goes on head stall. Item # C144 BL Price each is  $6.90

2 inch Horn Cap Concho Item # C147 HC Price is $12.30

5/8 inch Bit End Concho – sold as a pair.  Item # C141 BE Price is $4.90/PR

Stainless Steel Conchos

Bridle loops:  $6.90

Large concho: $8.40 

Small concho:  $5.00

Specify what you would like:  Blacken or plain


Hoof Pick or Knife Holder: Comes with leather string for attachment to your saddle. Specify leather color. Item # HR-Holder - Price $12.00


Photo showing size difference of "trail blocking"

Blocking:  This blocking attaches to the sweat flap of your English saddle with Velcro. Use to replace worn out or lost blocking or to have as a spare set.  We now offer "Trail Blocking". This blocking is larger and more supportive at 2.5 inches deep and 2 inches high. Great for the rider who needs extra leg support. Specify saddle style and type of blocking. Sold in pairs, a HVF Exclusive. Please send pattern. Item # HR-Block - Price $60.00


Awning Hook By Camco: This telescoping) awing opener extends from 11 inches to 47 inches so that you can easily reach up and open your awning.  The rubber grip handle and stainless steel construction makes this an easy pole to use and a dream to store, causing you to toss away your cumbersome-hard-to-store-4-foot pole immediately. Item # TP-AH – Price $ 14.50

actual shipping charges apply

More "Cart in use" Photo's  and Video of Cart in use

The Ranch Handler Collapsible Cart:

The Collapsible Ranch Handler Cart: A collapsible cart that goes together in two steps. Folds up fast, lays flat for easy trailer hauling. Made with ¾ inch steel tubing, the cart has epoxy powder coat finish, air inflated pneumatic 12-inch diameter tires, and bearings with grease fittings. This cart will support a number of cart accessories that will pivot on the cart's trunnion mount, always riding level for easy pushing and no spilling. Dimensions are 44.5 inches long and 28.5 wide, the cart measures the same open or closed in length and width and will carry weight up to 150 pounds.   Initial assembly required.  Item # C-CRH - Price $160.00 cart only

Complete cart and Cart stored in tack room of horse trailer

 Cart Accessories

The Collapsible Muck Bag: This completely collapsible muck bag is made of tough, laminated vinyl that will not crack or get brittle in cold weather. The trunnion pivot system on the cart will allow you to dump this bag easily using the pull strap. Will hold 20 gallons. Collapsible Muck Bag Complete: Item # C-CD - Price $65.00  shown below off of cart.




Continuous Fencing:  When you decide to build steel corrals, or if you want a solid pen to hold your animals, get SAFE, and do it right with the Trail Hand continuous fencing by Sliver Star Industries.  This fence is designed to keep your animals contained - period.  To install your fence, just lay it out, set your posts, fit the panel into your previous one (male and female slide in attachment) and clamp it into place.  You can even cut the panels to fit tight spaces.  The simple design allows you to be creative when laying out your fence.  This is the only fence that will move with your land - freezing, thawing, shifting terrain.   Wind can not destroy it,  no wire to keep taught, no rough edges for injuries to occur.

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Call for shipping actual bulk shipping prices apply, ie., over size.


 We have now the ability to drop ship with our supplier.  So we will continue to carry this product.


Hardware and Rigging that carry the HVF Brand – exclusively with no other manufacturers mark, will have the highest quality marine neoprene, hardware and webbing available for the job at hand, and you will know that your money was invested well.   
  For more on holding manufacturers accountable for quality click here.

The Lark's head is in the top row 4th from the left.




  9)  #00:    3 1/2"- 3 7/8"    4 - 4 3/8"
6) #0:    3 7/8"- 4 1/4"    4 3/8"- 4 5/8"
1) #5:    6 1/4"- 6 11/16"    6 1/4"- 6 11/16"
2) #6:    6 11/16"- 6 15/16"    6 11/16"- 6 15/16"


Boa Horse Boot™ (Sold in Pairs) provides excellent hoof protection for occasional and every day riding. It can also be used in the correction and treatment of founder, navicular disease, punctures, abscesses, bruises, contracted heels, and other impact-caused injuries. It provides protection to the frog, sole, hoof wall, hairline and bulb area. This boot is designed to protect and remain on the hoof in most riding conditions without motion induced joint interference. It is a quick fix for the occasional lost shoe. The outside tread pattern of the Boa Horse Boot has been designed for traction without injuries and since these boots are centered they can be worn on either the left or right hoof. The Boa Horse Boot is quick and easy to use, for no tools or great strength are required to put on or to take off this boot. The boot opens large enough to accommodate the wide base of a hoof and the closure system uses the same technology as snowboard boots and modern athletic shoes. This system allows the boot to fit snugly on almost any hoof to above the hairline. With the turn of a knob the reel develops significant leverage so tightening force is created with very little effort. Adjustments can be made in very small increments; helping to fit many differently shaped feet. This closure is solid so it cannot loosen up, but as the boot itself stretches through the course of the day, a quick half turn of the knob tightens it back up again. For removal, pull the dial and the lace tension is released and the boot is easily slipped off.     Pair of Boa boots: Item # HB-BOA - Price $140.00  (gaiters come standard with sizes 0, 1 and 2)

Boa Replacement Lace: Kit comes with lace tool and instructions. Sizes: 40 (#00-1), 50(#2-4), 60(#5-7)  Item # HB-Lace –Price $5.00 2 left

Extra Dial Cap:  Item # HB-CAP - Price $1.50  (limited supply)

Studs available: These new Universal studs will fit all of the Easy care boot line, (Boa's, Old Mac's, Epic's &. Easy).  Studs are designed for durability and ultimate traction. Great for ice, pavement, asphalt, mud or grass riding. The stud tips are made with titanium-coated, vanadium-rich hard metal (similar to steel). 3 studs per boot are recommended, but more may be used. Comes complete with installation instructions. Package of 4 studs with instructions. Item # HB-STUD- Price $8.00 Icy conditions? You BET! Field results of test below and installation diagram.   (limited supply)

Sizing the Boa Boot:
1. Measure the width of the hoof across the bottom at the widest point.
2. Measure the length of the hoof from the toe to the buttress line of the heel. The buttress line is the farthest weight bearing point of the heel.
3. Compare your measurement with the size chart below.
4. Ideally, the width and length measurement will fit into the same Boa Horse Boot™ size. If the width and length measurements indicate different Boa Horse Boot™ sizes, select the larger Boa Horse Boot™ size

The Original Riders Rasp:  This rasp is not the less expensive disposable model, but the good model. When the blades become worn, you can simply replace them and continue to use this rasp. The Riders Rasp features an ergonomic design that fits all hands, has a soft grip with no slip sides to protect hands. The rasp uses finish files, which are great for rounding or beveling the hoof, maintaining hoof form without the risk of removing too much. Perfect for the natural hoof/ barefoot rider. The rasps are 52 - rockwell hardness and the protective plate is stainless. With years of testing, this tool is tough.  Item # GR-RR – Price 30.95

Replacement Rasps:

Package of two rasp pairs (4 total rasps) in MEDIUM finish. The rasps are 52 Rockwell hardness. Item #GR-RB – Price $30.95

Package of one rasp pair (2 total rasps) of MEDIUM COARSE files. The rasps are 52 Rockwell hardness. Item #GR-RB1– Price $15.95

Customer reviews of the Horse boots.

----- Original Message -----
From: pepper
To: Cathy Tauer
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 6:02 PM
Subject: boa boots
Hi Cathy !

We made it to the hills and back!!  Hot but we rode in the morning before it got too warm!  How was your trip to ND??

Just sending you an email to let you know I am returning the larger of the two boa boots - I'm also returning the two sets of gaiters - there was a set of gaiters in with the boots.  The smaller ones worked out GREAT!  We rode all types of terrain and went up and down rocks, through water and mudd - I was a bit paranoid at first I kept checking to see if they were still on - but the most we had to do was tighten them a few clicks after riding for a bit.  I think they're better than shoes actually as it protects the entire foot - our tender foot boy was leading the pack and doing so willingly!!  Also, out in the dry grass horses with shoes on were actually sliding because the grass was so dry and with the boa boots he didn't slide a bit - same goes for when we had to cross the pavement road - others were sliding and he just walked right over it with out missing a beat.  Thanks a bunch - you saved the day!!



----- Original Message -----
From: Lynn
To: hillview@springfield-sanborn.net
Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 2:14 PM
Subject: BOA boots

Dear Cathy,  I enjoyed our phone visit last Monday. The BOA boots I ordered then, arrived yesterday, and I'm very pleased with them. Misty, my 26 year old sweetheart, began walking almost normally as soon as I put them on, and this afternoon we had a very short ride, our first since November. The boots were very easy to put on, as you'd said. I was afraid that might be a problem, but it wasn't.

Attached is a picture. My el cheapo WalMart camera doesn't do very well on cloudy snowy days like today, but it was such a treat to me, to see her saddled and moving more or less normally, that I couldn't resist.

Thanks again. Lynn Hall

----- Original Message -----
From: Sandi Heming
To: hillview@springfield-sanborn.net
Sent: Sunday, January 09, 2005 10:19 PM
Subject: Boa Boots update


Just wanted to check in and let you know that the Boa boots that I purchased from you in November have worked quite nicely. You were kind enough to sell the set of "studs" to me at cost if I were to report to you on their performance.

The studs have been quite aggressive. But in my case aggressive is what I needed. I live in a pocket of Northwest Colorado where the weather can be quite severe. I have a mare that suffers from arthritis in the stifle and I find that balancing and using her hind end to thwart slippage on the ice "hills" around my place can cause her a lot of pain.

I’ve only had to use the studded boots a couple of times (and only on her hind feet), but so far, so good. With her weight, the studs seem to "dig" into the ice and it gives her a little more traction so that she doesn’t have to use her body to do so.

As the studs are quite aggressive, I take them off of her as soon as it snows over or the ice melts.

Application of the studs to the boot was not necessarily difficult, but kind of a pain in the bottom as one must work within such a confined space. I’d love to see a "slip-on" kind of attachment for the studs rather than having to permanently alter the boots by putting holes into them …

As the season progresses, I will follow with more feedback.

Thank you and happy New Year to you and yours…

Sandi Heming
Meeker, Colorado

----- Original Message -----
From: Jamie Snider
To: hillview@springfield-sanborn.net
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2005 9:36 AM
Subject:  Boa Boots

Hey, Cathy - just thought I'd drop a note to let you know how pleased I am with my Boa boots. I LOVE them! A friend of mine liked mine so well she bought some too. They literally sell themselves.

There is a group of us from down here (El Dorado AR) who will be spending spring break at Cedar Lake Equestrian Camp in Oklahoma. That's were we met you last year. The only one who you might remember would be my brother - he's the most rememberable - tall slender, kept kidding you all about riding in your underwear instead of wrangler jeans. And I believe he helped you break into your trailer or motor home when you locked yourself out. Or was that one of your companions he helped? Anyway, the dates of our spring break are March 20th thru 26th. Hope you can make it down.


----- Original Message -----
From: Peggy
Hill View Farms
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 11:01 AM
Subject: Results on BOA Boot Trail Ride

Cathy, Went to Blowing Rock, NC, for a long weekend ... great carriage trails meander up to the Moses Cone Manor. A great spot. Anyway, the trails were not rocky, but had small cinder stones. First day I rode with my SWISS boots on the front. "My princess" got on to one trail with lots of cinders and practically went down every fourth step in back.

So next day, on went the SWISS in front and the Size-2 BOAs with gaiters in back. Trails were great after all that rain except for the uphill thru mud to get to the trail. Well, we lost the cap to one of the BOA's in the mud and was nevermore seen. But the rest of the trail was no mud (or shallow mud), so we continued.

The BOAS worked ... we took a trail we could not do the day before. Now, I have need to get extra caps ... do you sell them separately? I think I need to keep a few spares around.

As to the fit, I recommend that anyone using the gaiters consider a larger size. That gaiter seems to take off an eighth inch in length. The size-1 BOA's have an excellent, almost custom, fit on the back without gaiters. With gaiters, they won't go on. That's why I used size-2 on the back. Having no size-3 for the front I used my SWISS boots. (I may send back one pr size-2 and one pr size-1 and get a size-3, but will let you know end of week when I try the boots again having gained some experience working with them.)


----- Original Message -----
From: "Jennifer Campbell"
To: "Hill View Farms"
Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 8:04 AM

Subject: RE: Boa accessories

My name is Jennifer Campbell and I ordered a pair of the boa boots a little over a week ago. My horses seem to really do well with them. In fact, one of my mares has navicular and a spur. We have not been able to ride her much, but I have ridden her for the last two nights in them and she is doing great. I would like to order another pair, so both of my mares have a set. I would also like to purchase 4 of the caps to have as spares. I would also like to know how much a spare cord kit costs (Do you think that it is a good idea to
have the spare cord kit, or is that something that rarely happens)?  Do you still have my order info from the last order?

Thank you, Jennifer


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