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Now for something really special:  For those sought after products and for a limited time only - while supplies last,  we will give an additional 20% off the listed price - the catch is ... There will be NO RETURNS




  9)  #00:    3 1/2"- 3 7/8"    4 - 4 3/8"
6) #0:    3 7/8"- 4 1/4"    4 3/8"- 4 5/8"
1) #5:    6 1/4"- 6 11/16"    6 1/4"- 6 11/16"
2) #6:    6 11/16"- 6 15/16"    6 11/16"- 6 15/16"


Boa Horse Boot™ (Sold in Pairs) provides excellent hoof protection for occasional and every day riding. It can also be used in the correction and treatment of founder, navicular disease, punctures, abscesses, bruises, contracted heels, and other impact-caused injuries. It provides protection to the frog, sole, hoof wall, hairline and bulb area. This boot is designed to protect and remain on the hoof in most riding conditions without motion induced joint interference. It is a quick fix for the occasional lost shoe. The outside tread pattern of the Boa Horse Boot has been designed for traction without injuries and since these boots are centered they can be worn on either the left or right hoof. The Boa Horse Boot is quick and easy to use, for no tools or great strength are required to put on or to take off this boot. The boot opens large enough to accommodate the wide base of a hoof and the closure system uses the same technology as snowboard boots and modern athletic shoes. This system allows the boot to fit snugly on almost any hoof to above the hairline. With the turn of a knob the reel develops significant leverage so tightening force is created with very little effort. Adjustments can be made in very small increments; helping to fit many differently shaped feet. This closure is solid so it cannot loosen up, but as the boot itself stretches through the course of the day, a quick half turn of the knob tightens it back up again. For removal, pull the dial and the lace tension is released and the boot is easily slipped off.     Pair of Boa boots: Item # HB-BOA - Price $140.00  (gaiters come standard with sizes 0, 1 and 2)

Boa Replacement Lace: Kit comes with lace tool and instructions. Sizes: 40 (#00-1), 50(#2-4), 60(#5-7)  Item # HB-Lace –Price $5.00 2 left

Extra Dial Cap:  Item # HB-CAP - Price $1.50  (limited supply)

Studs available: These new Universal studs will fit all of the Easy care boot line, (Boa's, Old Mac's, Epic's &. Easy).  Studs are designed for durability and ultimate traction. Great for ice, pavement, asphalt, mud or grass riding. The stud tips are made with titanium-coated, vanadium-rich hard metal (similar to steel). 3 studs per boot are recommended, but more may be used. Comes complete with installation instructions. Package of 4 studs with instructions. Item # HB-STUD- Price $8.00 Icy conditions? You BET! Field results of test below and installation diagram.   (limited supply)

Sizing the Boa Boot:
1. Measure the width of the hoof across the bottom at the widest point.
2. Measure the length of the hoof from the toe to the buttress line of the heel. The buttress line is the farthest weight bearing point of the heel.
3. Compare your measurement with the size chart below.
4. Ideally, the width and length measurement will fit into the same Boa Horse Boot™ size. If the width and length measurements indicate different Boa Horse Boot™ sizes, select the larger Boa Horse Boot™ size


The Original Riders Rasp:  This rasp is not the less expensive disposable model, but the good model. When the blades become worn, you can simply replace them and continue to use this rasp. The Riders Rasp features an ergonomic design that fits all hands, has a soft grip with no slip sides to protect hands. The rasp uses finish files, which are great for rounding or beveling the hoof, maintaining hoof form without the risk of removing too much. Perfect for the natural hoof/ barefoot rider. The rasps are 52 - rockwell hardness and the protective plate is stainless. With years of testing, this tool is tough.  Item # GR-RR – Price 30.95

Replacement Rasps:

Package of two rasp pairs (4 total rasps) in MEDIUM finish. The rasps are 52 Rockwell hardness. Item #GR-RB – Price $30.95

Package of one rasp pair (2 total rasps) of MEDIUM COARSE files. The rasps are 52 Rockwell hardness. Item #GR-RB1– Price $15.95

Now for something really special:  For those sought after products and for a limited time only - while supplies last,  we will give an additional 20% off the listed price - the catch is ... There will be NO RETURNS



----- Original Message -----
From: pepper
To: Cathy Tauer
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 6:02 PM
Subject: boa boots
Hi Cathy !

We made it to the hills and back!!  Hot but we rode in the morning before it got too warm!  How was your trip to ND??

Just sending you an email to let you know I am returning the larger of the two boa boots - I'm also returning the two sets of gaiters - there was a set of gaiters in with the boots.  The smaller ones worked out GREAT!  We rode all types of terrain and went up and down rocks, through water and mudd - I was a bit paranoid at first I kept checking to see if they were still on - but the most we had to do was tighten them a few clicks after riding for a bit.  I think they're better than shoes actually as it protects the entire foot - our tender foot boy was leading the pack and doing so willingly!!  Also, out in the dry grass horses with shoes on were actually sliding because the grass was so dry and with the boa boots he didn't slide a bit - same goes for when we had to cross the pavement road - others were sliding and he just walked right over it with out missing a beat.  Thanks a bunch - you saved the day!!



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From: Lynn
To: hillview@springfield-sanborn.net
Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 2:14 PM
Subject: BOA boots

Dear Cathy,  I enjoyed our phone visit last Monday. The BOA boots I ordered then, arrived yesterday, and I'm very pleased with them. Misty, my 26 year old sweetheart, began walking almost normally as soon as I put them on, and this afternoon we had a very short ride, our first since November. The boots were very easy to put on, as you'd said. I was afraid that might be a problem, but it wasn't.

Attached is a picture. My el cheapo WalMart camera doesn't do very well on cloudy snowy days like today, but it was such a treat to me, to see her saddled and moving more or less normally, that I couldn't resist.

Thanks again. Lynn Hall

----- Original Message -----
From: Sandi Heming
To: hillview@springfield-sanborn.net
Sent: Sunday, January 09, 2005 10:19 PM
Subject: Boa Boots update


Just wanted to check in and let you know that the Boa boots that I purchased from you in November have worked quite nicely. You were kind enough to sell the set of "studs" to me at cost if I were to report to you on their performance.

The studs have been quite aggressive. But in my case aggressive is what I needed. I live in a pocket of Northwest Colorado where the weather can be quite severe. I have a mare that suffers from arthritis in the stifle and I find that balancing and using her hind end to thwart slippage on the ice "hills" around my place can cause her a lot of pain.

I’ve only had to use the studded boots a couple of times (and only on her hind feet), but so far, so good. With her weight, the studs seem to "dig" into the ice and it gives her a little more traction so that she doesn’t have to use her body to do so.

As the studs are quite aggressive, I take them off of her as soon as it snows over or the ice melts.

Application of the studs to the boot was not necessarily difficult, but kind of a pain in the bottom as one must work within such a confined space. I’d love to see a "slip-on" kind of attachment for the studs rather than having to permanently alter the boots by putting holes into them …

As the season progresses, I will follow with more feedback.

Thank you and happy New Year to you and yours…

Sandi Heming
Meeker, Colorado

----- Original Message -----
From: Jamie Snider
To: hillview@springfield-sanborn.net
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2005 9:36 AM
Subject:  Boa Boots

Hey, Cathy - just thought I'd drop a note to let you know how pleased I am with my Boa boots. I LOVE them! A friend of mine liked mine so well she bought some too. They literally sell themselves.

There is a group of us from down here (El Dorado AR) who will be spending spring break at Cedar Lake Equestrian Camp in Oklahoma. That's were we met you last year. The only one who you might remember would be my brother - he's the most rememberable - tall slender, kept kidding you all about riding in your underwear instead of wrangler jeans. And I believe he helped you break into your trailer or motor home when you locked yourself out. Or was that one of your companions he helped? Anyway, the dates of our spring break are March 20th thru 26th. Hope you can make it down.


----- Original Message -----
From: Peggy
Hill View Farms
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 11:01 AM
Subject: Results on BOA Boot Trail Ride

Cathy, Went to Blowing Rock, NC, for a long weekend ... great carriage trails meander up to the Moses Cone Manor. A great spot. Anyway, the trails were not rocky, but had small cinder stones. First day I rode with my SWISS boots on the front. "My princess" got on to one trail with lots of cinders and practically went down every fourth step in back.

So next day, on went the SWISS in front and the Size-2 BOAs with gaiters in back. Trails were great after all that rain except for the uphill thru mud to get to the trail. Well, we lost the cap to one of the BOA's in the mud and was nevermore seen. But the rest of the trail was no mud (or shallow mud), so we continued.

The BOAS worked ... we took a trail we could not do the day before. Now, I have need to get extra caps ... do you sell them separately? I think I need to keep a few spares around.

As to the fit, I recommend that anyone using the gaiters consider a larger size. That gaiter seems to take off an eighth inch in length. The size-1 BOA's have an excellent, almost custom, fit on the back without gaiters. With gaiters, they won't go on. That's why I used size-2 on the back. Having no size-3 for the front I used my SWISS boots. (I may send back one pr size-2 and one pr size-1 and get a size-3, but will let you know end of week when I try the boots again having gained some experience working with them.)


----- Original Message -----
From: "Jennifer Campbell"
To: "Hill View Farms"
Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 8:04 AM

Subject: RE: Boa accessories

My name is Jennifer Campbell and I ordered a pair of the boa boots a little over a week ago. My horses seem to really do well with them. In fact, one of my mares has navicular and a spur. We have not been able to ride her much, but I have ridden her for the last two nights in them and she is doing great. I would like to order another pair, so both of my mares have a set. I would also like to purchase 4 of the caps to have as spares. I would also like to know how much a spare cord kit costs (Do you think that it is a good idea to
have the spare cord kit, or is that something that rarely happens)?  Do you still have my order info from the last order?

Thank you, Jennifer

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