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Rubber Ring Mats
Available in size 4 x 6
Shipped  factory direct

Linear Rubber Ring Mats: Mats are perforated with 1" holes so water, liquid and solid debris drain easily and quickly. Hundreds of nubs on the underside provide comfort and anti-fatigue qualities while allowing air to circulate freely to evaporate any moisture. Made of nonporous rubber. Available in size 4' x 6' and will be shipped direct from the factory. All Linear Rubber products are quality made from nonporous, high-density rubber, which will not absorb or retain moisture, urine, cleaning solutions or disinfectants. They will not crack, peel or crumble under extreme heat or cold, nor will they curl. Other mats in the marketplace are fabricated of rubber dust or crumb (recycled) rubber, which is held together with clay, glue and other fillers and have the potential to breakdown or chemically erode and become absorbent with use. (Much like comparing particleboard to genuine solid lumber.) These Linear Rubber Mats install fast and easy over any existing surface, over concrete, natural soil, asphalt, clay, wooden floors or virtually any surface. Linear Rubber Products Rubber Mats actually level the surface while providing insulation to protect your horse. There’s no more filling holes, or adding dirt, screenings or other costly fillings. These mats reduce leg, knee and hoof fatigue, and stress and injury. Linear Rubber Products mats will deliver years of reliable and dependable service. When stripping or disinfecting stalls, the maintenance of Linear Rubber Mats is as easy as mopping with soap and water or other disinfectants (excessive use of lime, however, is not recommended since it becomes pasty and slick when wet). It is not necessary to remove mats when stripping or disinfecting. Since Linear Mats are genuine rubber, they are backed with a factory-direct 10 year warranty. A must for horse stalls, alleyways, trailers, grooming areas, breeding areas, wash racks and for wet surfaces where traction is a must! Mats are 1/2 inch thick with a 3/8th inch nub. What you will need for the following stall sizes: Item # HR-Ring Mat - Price $70.00 each (actual shipping charges apply)

What you will need for the following stall sizes:
For a 10 x12 Stall = 5 mats
 For a 12 x 12 Stall = 6 mats
 For a 12 x 14 Stall = 7 mats
 For a 12 x 18 Stall = 8 mats

Photos below show installation of ring mats with the Stall Skin for concrete floor horse stalls

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