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 Elk come in and clean up after the horses under the picket line.  Thank you Don Gensler for the photo!

With the high arm we can hang the Kangaroo feed bag and the Tub on the trailer for easy and safe feeding and watering.

The park provided cable does not give and it is too low. The mules could get hung up. With the picket pole, Ronda and Cletus were able to safely tie their mules.

Kangaroo feed bags, Picket leads, sleeping halters, picket line tightner, one tree saver, one rope cleat, horse positioners with rings and the picket pole are used in this set up.  The pans on the ground are filled with water. 

Here is why we like the "sleeping halters" with the safety snap. When the horses sack out for the night, sometimes they do not lie down just where their head can rest on the ground, so with the wider straps of the halter their head is gently cradled.


After a long ride the horses go flat. Resting up for the next whirlwind ride. We unhook them from their leads and they just seem to stay put.  But we always have a one horse on the line.  The others will not leave their "leader" behind


Some parks have their own cable picket lines.  We find that in many cases the lines are too high for some of us to reach.  So we use the Horse Positioner with a ring and make one loop over the cable thus letting the ring hang lower. This allows shorter people to reach up and hang the hay bag or attach the picket lead.  However, we DO NOT use the cable for picketing our horses. The cable does not give and does not allow for any play that is needed for the horses’ comfort.  Using the poles provided, we run our own picket line rope as you can see in the photo.

Picketing between trailers using lead ropes

Keep horses 8 feet away from trailers

Notice the spacing between horses and from posts and trailers.

Picketing between trees

Proper length to set line to ground

Chores on the picket line

Horses waking up from sleeping on the line

A yearling on the picket line - very safe.  But we will change the halter at night to a wide strap nylon halter that has a break away snap.  It is more comfortable for lying down and sleeping at night.

Picketing between trailers

Kelly watering from the Ranch Handler Cart.

Horses on the picket line with adjustable picket leads

Picket tightner with Sure Knot Rope Cleat

Tree saver with Sure Knot Rope Cleat


How we hang feed bags on the line

Watering from the Ranch Handler!


Keep horses 8 feet from trees, so not to injure the tree bark and roots


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