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Where we have been riding and may see you!

By request, I have rated the parks we frequent. My favorites will have a four-smile rating. This rating is based on my   DNR report as well as miles and condition of riding trails, condition and maintenance of the campground to include electricity, level camping sites, water (no hand pumps), fire rings, picnic tables, manure dump site, garbage receptacles, toilets, showers, corrals, stalls, hitching facilities, flexibility on the use of various options for housing camper’s stock such as portable fencing, high lines, picket lines, and lastly extra activities available such as fishing,  concession store, wood, ice, hay, books and souvenirs, local points of interest, golfing, biking, swimming, canoeing/boating, shopping and restaurants. The rating may not be current due to a lack of follow up visits and does not include bug conditions. No rating indicates that the park is good, but warrants no special attention or because one area of critique is in need of improvement. This is only my opinion.

 Rating the Ranger:  Often campers will put up with less than perfect rangers or camp hosts so they can enjoy an otherwise wonderful park. On the other hand, some rangers and camp hosts are so good, we wish they were at every campground we visit. Rangers and camp hosts need to be friendly. They serve the public and serve as ambassadors for the park maximizing its use while maintaining it so that it will continue to provide the public with enjoyment while at the same time provide income. Therefore I am giving the parks / campgrounds that I frequent a Ranger Rating. 

  • (+) A plus means that the Ranger (s) or camp host was OUTSTANDING, not only accommodating and informative, but, for example, also providing the camper with other points of interest and helpful by offering the camper solutions to problems. 
  •  (=) An Equal Rating or NO rating means the Ranger or camp host was not available or that everything was suitable. 
  •  (-) A negative rating means that the Ranger (s) or camp host was neither courteous nor respectful and did not provide the camper with any solutions to problems that they may have had.  These are the Rangers who either dislike their job or the people they serve and it clearly shows.

I realize that there may be part time employees that can ruin a campers experience so this rating is for the majority of the parks or campground staff  - which usually is governed by their superiors.  I post this rating to HIGHLIGHT the performance of the rangers or camp host who are paid to serve the public and who need to get noticed. Hopefully by posting this rating it will help provide desperately needed feedback regarding the campgrounds performance.   I will not post the names of individuals but on this page  Horse Campers Corner you can find up to the moment, park reviews, weather, bug and trail conditions.

  • In Minnesota
  • ☺☺Beaver Falls, Renville Co Park, MN
    Camden State Park, MN
    (+) Cedar Rock Ranch, Delhi, MN
    Crow Hassen Park Reserve, MN
    (+)Foothills State forest, Backus, MN  Foothills horse camp
    (-) Forestville State Park, MN
    (+) Fort Ridgely State Park, MN
    Garvin Co. Park-Lyon Co. MN
    Glacial Lakes State Park, Starbuck, MN
    ☺☺Hay Creek State Park, Dressens Saloon MN
    High Island Creek Park, Sibley Co. park -Arlington, MN.
    Hole in the Mt. Co Park, Lake Benton, MN
    Huntersville State Forest, MN
    Huston, MN " The Bunk House"
    Huston MN. Whispering Hills Resident Girl Scout Camp
    Isabella-Boundry Waters of northern, MN
    Jorden River Bottoms, MN
    K-Bar Ranch, Franklin, MN                                                                                          
    1/2 (-) Lake Carlos, Alexandria, MN
    Lake Elmo Park Reserve, Lake Elmo MN
    Lake Louise State Park, MN
    Lake Maria State Park, MN
    Lanesboro, MN Eagle Bluff- Environmental Learning Center www.eagle-bluff.org
    ☺☺Maplewood State Park, MN                                                                                 
    Maple Springs Camp Ground, Preston, (Forestville) MN
    Morton -Franklin Redwood River Bottoms, MN                                              
    Murphy-Hannrehan Park -Hennepin County Park, MN
    North Redwood, MN
    (+) Outback Ranch, Houston MN
    Outback Ranch, Pillager, MN
    Pillager State Forest, MN
    Pillsbury State Forest, MN
    Reno Unit Dover Forest, MN
    Rush River Park, Henderson, MN
    Sand Dunes State Forest, MN
    Sibley State Park, MN
    Skalbekken –Renville Co. Park
    Spirit Mt. Duluth, MN
    Stony Brook - Mc Carthy Beach State Park, MN
    ☺☺St. Croix, Hinkly MN
    St. Croix State Forest, Tamarack -MN
    Sunburg, MN
    ☺☺☺Upper Sioux Agency State Park, Granite Falls MN
    Thistledew, Togo, MN
    Wetbark Oak Ridge Unit Dorer Forest, Houston, MN
    ☺☺☺Wild River State Park, MN
    ☺☺Zumbro Bottoms Unit Dorer Forest, MN
  • Out of State / country
  • Quarter circle V Bar Ranch, Meyer, AZ
    Buffalo National Park, AR
    "The Rocks" 
    Vasquez County Park, Agua Dulce, CA
    Pikes Peak, CO
    ☺☺Yellow River St. Park, IA, -Paint Creek Unit
    ☺☺(-) Brushy Creek, IA
    Shimek St. Forest- Lick creek Unit - Farmington, IA                                         
    Volga River State Park, IA 
    ☺The Natural Gait, Harpers Ferrey, IA                                                                   
    ☺☺☺Siloam Springs State Park, Clayton, IL
    ☺☺☺ Shawnee National Forest, IL
    Long View Stables, Lexington, KY
    ☺☺Kanopolis State Park, "Rokin’ K Campground"  KS
    Phippsburg, ME           
    Greenfelder Co. Park, St. Louis, MO
    Mark Twain National Forest, West Plains, MO
    Ozark Trail, MO
    ☺☺☺Lewis & Clark National Forest - Bob Marshall & Scapegoat Wilderness. MT
    ☺☺☺1/2 (+) Turkey Creek Ranch, NewCastle, NE   
    Little Missouri State Park, North of Killdeer ND
    South Hampton, Long Island, NY
    ☺☺ The Maah Daah Hey Trail  starting at:  Sully Creek and Bar X, Wannagan, Elkhorn, Magpie, Bennett and CCC Campground. ND
    mini videos of trip
    ☺☺☺1/2 (+) Sheyenne Oaks Horse Camp and RV Park, ND
    Malibar Farm, OH
    Ouachita National Forest - Cedar lake, OK
    ☺☺Hitchcock Woods, Akin, SC
    ☺☺☺Hay Creek Ranch, Nemo, SD
    (+)Newton Hills, Canton, SD
    ☺☺Black Hills, -T.C.Ranch Custer, SD
    ☺☺☺☺ (+) Broken Arrow Horse Camp, Custer, SD   
    (+) Sisseton-Prairie Sky,  SD     
    Sisseton- Sica Hollow State park, SD
    The Leiferman Cattle Ranch, White, SD
    ☺☺☺ Willow Creek, Custer SD - Black Elk National forest, and Harney Peak   
    ☺☺☺☺The Cutoff, Custer SD
    Diving HH bucking rodeo stock with the Holloway Ranch. Eagle Butte to Timber Lake SD     
    ☺☺ Wind Cave National Park, SD
    Jamestown TN - East Fork Stables
    ☺☺☺☺Big South Fork, TN
    ☺☺ Gouldings, Monument Valley, UT - Riding with the Navajo - Bill Porter  www.wildlifevideo.com
    Kedron Valley -VT
    Lake Wissota State Park, Chippewa Falls, WI
    ☺☺☺☺ (+) "End of the Trail Equine Camp" Kickapoo Valley  Reserve and Wild Cat Mt. WI  Ontario WI, 608-337-4738 
    Prairie DuChien, Co. Park, WI  
    Shawano, WI

    ☺Solon Springs, Bird Sanctuary W
    Corloine the lions club annual Colorama ride, WI
    ☺☺☺Wild Cat Mtn. Ontario, WI,       
    ☺☺☺Wild Rock Horse Trails - Clark County Park - WI
    ☺☺Necedah, WI Castle Rock Park, -  at Ukarydee campground. Shawano WI
    ☺☺☺Governor Knolls/Trade River Camp Ground, Grantsburg, WI 
    Coasta Rica- cross country to: Parque Prussia, Tucanet, Tango Mar, Valley of the Monkeys, Monteverde Cloud Forrest and Tabacon. "Rico Tours"
    ☺☺Valle de Bravo, Mexico- Finca Enyhe-La Sierra Cabalgatas www.mexicohorsevacation.com  "Equetours"
    Mazalon, Mexico
    Ontario, Canada -Muskoka Region
    Le Touquet, France
    Granes, Puivert, Labau, Ayguebonnes, Bouchard - southern France
    Buenos Aries, Argentina - The Jockey Club
    ☺☺☺Peru - Northern part: Cajmarca, Trujillo, Paijan, Chiclayo, Pimento Beach. "Tours on horseback"


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